I am a mom of older children and have noticed that the time has come when I do not have the hustle and bustle of little ones constantly around my feet and life now seems to be a bit of a let down. Well life has changed and now I have more hustle and bustle then ever. I am the Grammy Nanny to my 3 grandsons.
I was savoring the time that was mine and now have to share it with everyone all over again. The growing pains are upon me again and trying to define who I am again. The upside is that I get to cuddle little ones again! I still haven't truly learned to hug myself yet nor to be understanding to my own feelings. Did anyone notice how hard it is to be nice and understanding to yourself? That being said I hope that you will be part of my journey into yet another part of my life.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Crafty Crow">

This is a great site. Wonderfully written and lots of tutorials that are fun and doable!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crystal Elegance Ceramic Ornaments

Crystal Elegance Ceramic Ornaments

Glittered Wood Frame

Glittered Wood Frame

Jingle & Jolly Sequin Tree Wood Ornament

Jingle & Jolly Sequin Tree Wood Ornament

Jingle & Jolly Embellished Wood Frames

Jingle & Jolly Embellished Wood Frames

Jingle & Jolly Recollections™ Large 3D Snowflake Ornaments

Jingle & Jolly Recollections™ Large 3D Snowflake Ornaments

Cedar Lodge Painted Snowman Ornaments

Cedar Lodge Painted Snowman Ornaments

Cedar Lodge Red, Green and White Stripe Knit Ornament

Cedar Lodge Red, Green and White Stripe Knit Ornament

Gold and Brown Wood Frame

Gold and Brown Wood Frame

Paper Ornaments

Paper Ornaments

Cedar Lodge Book Page Snowman Ornaments

Cedar Lodge Book Page Snowman Ornaments

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wilton Tall Cakes Project Class

I will be having a Wilton Tall Cakes Project Class tomorrow, November 9 at 5:30 pm. There is still space available and would love to see you there. 

Tall Cakes are popping up everywhere! Our Wilton Method Instructor will teach you the steps and techniques to create “tall cakes” that will stand up straight. During this 3 hour class you will assemble and decorate your special creation. In addition to creating multi layer cakes you will receive valuable tips for serving, transporting, and storing your masterpiece. Pre-registration is a must! 

Student Supply List Student Supply List to prepare at home and bring to class
Pen or pencil and paper 
Wilton Tiered Cakes Book
Cake Divider Set
Cake Lifter
Small Spatula
Large Angled Spatula 

Trim ‘N TurnTM Turntable  
Decorating Bags* 
Decorating Tips*
Disposable re-useable cloths (Handi-wipes)

Plastic bags (for clean-up)
Small pruning shears (optional) 

Small pencil sharpener (optional) 
Small tack hammer (optional) 
Small level (optional)
10” double layer cake, iced smooth on a 14” Silver Cake Base or Fanci- Foil covered Cake Board
6” double layer cake, iced smooth on a 6” Cake Circle (not covered) Buttercream Icing for decorations
Flowers or any pre-made decorations - In order to complete the example cake pre-make 15 Tip 104 Ribbon Roses and approximately 80 Tip 2D Drop Flowers.

*Items are student’s choice depending on final cake design. Items and amounts will vary.

This class will be held at Michaels in Holmdel, NJ
Michaels, Holmdel location

If you have any questions email me at whattomaketoday07701@gmail.com
FaceBook page with pictures of last Tall Cake Project Class

Colorful Magic Cookie Bars

These look yummy and easy to make.

Colorful Magic Cookie Bars

3 D card started

I learned how to make these 3d cards years ago when I was part of the Navesink Rubber Stampers. I loved this card but it is 2x3. I wanted to make it bigger so this is the first attempt. I just need to paint in the colors. I love the dimension and layering that occurs with this type of card.

Tim Holtz snowflake die

I just watched Tim Holtz's snowflake YouTube video from CHA. This is a great looking die not to mention how easy he makes making rosettes look. He shows them on a wreath and suggests making them into trees. I love that Tim Holtz seems to find multiple uses for most of his dies, carrying them over to many holidays and seasons.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sharing - see kate sew: spider web tee

see kate sew: spider web tee: Look at me being all holiday crafty! It probably won't last. Not that I don't love holidays, it's just hard for me to craft for them; they...

Sharing - .Oh Sugar Events: Haunted Gingerbread Mansion 2012

I just happen to have a haunted house and need to put it together!

.Oh Sugar Events: Haunted Gingerbread Mansion 2012: Here's this year's haunted gingerbread house, made from a Wilton Haunted Mansion kit.  I used my own royal icing as I prefer its consiste...

Sharing - Always With Butter: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cloud Frosting

This is a cute idea for egg cups and love the little pinwheels.

Always With Butter: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cloud Frosting: Can you guess what these bunnies are really for? Shockingly, these bunnies are not originally for mini cupcakes! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sewing with Colleterie

On the Colleterie blog she is having a coat sew a long and it is a great versatile jacket. In this post she discusses making a bound buttonhole.


A little embriodery fun

Here is a free printable pattern for embroidering mustaches. How fun and silly is that. How bout a bunch on the edge of a pillow case, a big one stitched on a sofa pillow. Would be fun.

This is seems like a fun thing to do at work or amongst friendly neighbors
You leave a treat with directions that you have been booed and then they do it to someone else.
link to How To Boo someone

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What am I up too lately?

The next part of my life has brought me to be able to do things that I love. I am allowing myself to be creative. It is difficult but am loving the journey. It is so wonderful to meet other creative souls. It seems that when creative people come together there is a spark that flows between each other and really grows to a warm and inviting fire. I love seeing what other people are creating and sometimes it is even more wonderful when I can look on thinking that I was able to help create a foundation for their creativeness. I have a Facebook page called What To Make Today and am trying to make it about sparking ideas for anyone to be creative. I am even expanding from Wilton Method Instructor to PaperEd instructor. This is so exciting to me. I meet some of the nicest people. Come visit me on Facebook and see the pictures of what my students are making.
I would also love to learn how to link Facebook with my blog and vice versa!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I am excited I can now easily post to Blogger via my cell phone.

Lella Boutique: Scrummy

Lella Boutique: Scrummy: Ah yes, "scrummy."A word I heard today for the first time as I handed my toddler a warm  oatmeal chocolate chip cookie .   Olive, your ...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Good On Paper: Paper-ED Classes At Michaels FAQ

Good On Paper: Paper-ED Classes At Michaels FAQ: If you're looking for more information about the paper-ED classes (or Spotted Canary School) at Michaels Arts and Crafts, West Broad Street ...

Monday, June 11, 2012

I have also completed a shirt that I think I like. It was not the original pattern that I wanted because JoAnne fabrics did not have it so I bought the New Look pattern and could not find a review on Pattern Review's website either. I had to cut a 14 and grade it to a 16 at the hips.

I was originally going with the yellow buttons on the yellow band for the front.

I really didn't like that there was absolutely no contrast. I found the black buttons in my stash and thought it looked much better.

I am enjoying an awful lot of blogs and feel pretty stupid by not sharing them. I did start a Pinterest board that has some of the blogs that I have found intriguing and fun.
Here is one now that had beautiful wedding imagery http://stefansisters.blogspot.com/
This sight has some awesome cupcake recipes and nice pictures of them http://mingmakescupcakes.yolasite.com/
This sight also has amazing cupcake and all kinds of recipes. Very well put together, clear directions and pictures of the steps and outcomes. http://www.foodsnots.com/
So, I made cupcakes for a work end of season BBQ and I used the Foodsnots and Ming Makes Cupcakes sights for the recipes.

This is the vanilla with chocolate icing and a cherry on top

This is the brown sugar cupcake with home made caramel inside and drizzled on top of vanilla icing.

This is the peanut butter chocolate chip cupcake with peanut butter icing and chocolate drizzle.

Here is the tray with all the cakes together, everyone was happy with the way the tray looked and thought that I bought them. Everyone loved the caramel ones and I didn't come home with any leftovers there were only a couple of them left at the picnic.

I tried to make the Blackforest cupcake but I am not sure what I did wrong but it ended up in an epic fail.

I have been working on becoming a Wilton Method Instructor which means I will be able to teach how to decorate cakes and such at the Michael's store in Holmdel. I am so very excited to be able to do this. I am going to practice on my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.
Hi I have been pretty busy, I went to Pattern Review NY weekend and had the best time! I tried to finish my bag but didn't do so well. I only got the body together and the front done. I did finish the bag and am happy with how it came out. These are the pictures.

I met the most wonderful women and a man. The speakers were amazing and I even bought a book with a signature. I am so glad to go. I couldn't manage enough energy for Sunday though :o(.

Here is Swatch from Mood Fabrics. He is such a good doggy.

Here is Deepika with Kenneth King, the speaker on Saturday. He was very engaging and so funny. I loved every moment of
the day.

Kenneth King made his slacks and jacket out of amazing fabric and he even made the bag in the picture.

This is me with the author

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The voting has begun for the RTW contest on PatternReview sight. I entered the pocket book for my niece.
Vote for me, copy and paste to the address bar.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What I am working on

I saw this t-shirt on line and love it. With the $58.00 price tag it is not a possibility so I am going to recreate one.

So I found this McCalls pattern 5493 but will have to make a few changes.

Update: May 2
Well the first draft of the shirt didn't go so well. I made it way to big and the lace did not lay nicely at all. This is so sucky. I am going to bring in the side seems and figure out a better drapey fabric for the insets.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Originally posted by Communing With Fabric, http://communingwithfabric.blogspot.com/

Bra Making Kits

I have zero interest in making bras. It is great for those who are less gravitationally challenged, but my lap dusters require serious architecture. I favor La Mystere bras, which feature molded cups and are up to the challenge of my physiology.

However, if you like to sew your own bras, you might be interested in this opportunity. I learned about it from Don McCunn's yahoo group.

Would you like to buy fabric from a dyer who sells to Victoria Secret? Here is what Don says (printed with permission):

I have linked up with a specialized dying service that dyes all the components required to make a bra. Basically their business is dying for manufacturers such as Victoria Secret, etc.

The last year or so they have also been offering custom dyed bra kits to consumers. They have been trying different ways to offer this service which to the best of my knowledge is unique. The market for this service is not huge. But Craig, the owner, is not giving up on us one at a time bra makers.

I corresponded with him recently when I got a notice he is planning a new dye lot. The way it works is you order in advance so he knows how much to dye, then he dyes and ships out these individual orders. He tells me he is planning to do this twice a year. So if you want some colorful fabric to make bras, now is the time to order. Specifically before May 1st. The current color offering includes the following:

Light Turquoise
Marina Blue
Rum Raisin
Sky Blue
Baby Pink
Strawberry Pink

For more information and to order, use the link below.

Bra Making Kits, http://bracomponents.com/bra-making-kits.html

Note that if you want to order extra yardage to make matching panties or slip, you probably can, but talk to Craig.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My first pattern review

I have been doing stuff just not blogging like I should. I finished a Simplicity 2350 Cynthia Rowley bag. I used some cool scraps of cotton I had. The fabric has flames on a black background. I used some abstract feather silky print and red silky fabric for the lining. The bag sports a pleather bottom and lower side and also on the rim. I used the pleather on the bottom also to save on fabric because there was limited flame fabric. I literally had to piece it together to make it big enough to make the bag. This is a gift for my niece who turned 15. She said she liked it. I am also entering it in PatternReview's contest.

I have a Pinterest Board! Come follow me.

PatternReview Contest

Ready to Wear (RTW) Contest

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My brother died

My brother passed away suddenly. I found out on Monday night by my sister who had to call the police because she or any of us in fact had not heard from him. My sister stayed in touch with him via phone and internet. He lives, I mean lived, in North Carolina and we all live in different states as well but my sister P really stayed in touch with him. It was very surreal when I got the call. You know he wasn't sick or taking meds or anything. He was 58. So we are all making arrangements for closure and to finish closing out his life. Wow, that sounds so weird. P is doing all the leg work and I am going to attempt to create an obituary and plan for a memorial service here in NJ. So, as you can see I am procrastinating. That being said it is time to close this and open Word.

I just want to let everyone know love those around you. Let your family and loved ones know that you love them. Live life, it is a gift. Don't throw it away.

Sew-vivor contest

This looked like fun. Check out all the creativeness going on there.