I am a mom of older children and have noticed that the time has come when I do not have the hustle and bustle of little ones constantly around my feet and life now seems to be a bit of a let down. Well life has changed and now I have more hustle and bustle then ever. I am the Grammy Nanny to my 3 grandsons.
I was savoring the time that was mine and now have to share it with everyone all over again. The growing pains are upon me again and trying to define who I am again. The upside is that I get to cuddle little ones again! I still haven't truly learned to hug myself yet nor to be understanding to my own feelings. Did anyone notice how hard it is to be nice and understanding to yourself? That being said I hope that you will be part of my journey into yet another part of my life.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Here is a cupcake that I made using the lace mold I created from a two part food safe silicon

The kit I used is from Michaels and it is a two part silicon kit that is FDA food safe approved. It has a quick setting time though. Like 2 minutes so it is important to have what you want to mold ready and at your fingertips.

This is the mold, lace and fondant all together

This is the close up of the fondant after embossing it in the mold.
Creating the mold was so fun and creative, I didn't think that it would be easy but it really was. I am going to try the Make Your Own Molds kit next time now that I have tried it and liked doing it.
Here is the sight that I am going to make my next purchase from -