I am a mom of older children and have noticed that the time has come when I do not have the hustle and bustle of little ones constantly around my feet and life now seems to be a bit of a let down. Well life has changed and now I have more hustle and bustle then ever. I am the Grammy Nanny to my 3 grandsons.
I was savoring the time that was mine and now have to share it with everyone all over again. The growing pains are upon me again and trying to define who I am again. The upside is that I get to cuddle little ones again! I still haven't truly learned to hug myself yet nor to be understanding to my own feelings. Did anyone notice how hard it is to be nice and understanding to yourself? That being said I hope that you will be part of my journey into yet another part of my life.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Roller Coaster

Well a day can get worse... thank goodness for my husband. He got me up and moving. Picked up kids, dropped off a kid, went to the bank and even got the fabric to do the pants. Made the pants thought they looked cool, just need to finish the waist tomorrow. I cut out the second pair that will be tuxedo style stilt walker pants. I like the way the are turning out. Hope my stilt walker does too. Will post pics when I get a chance. Good night and see you tomorrow.

Roller Coaster

It is amazing how quickly plans can change. Just the little ones that start a day. Go from thinking about how I will just take a shower, get dressed and get on with the projects that I need to finish like today but no that isn't how it went and it is only 9:30. It is upsetting and sets the day off to a bad start. I know that sewing will bring me back to a good state of mind but now I have to do other things first. So frustrating!!
I hope the day can only go up from here. I hate to disapoint people who are counting on me. Will be back later in the day.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

About Me

Hi everyone I am new to the blogger but I am excited to try this out. I have enjoyed so many of other blogger's blogs that I wanted to try.
I love to sew and craft and due to an unfortunate circumstance I now have the opportunity to try to find my place with myself again. I started getting the thought to sew again when I found Burda Style online and how they had down loadable patterns and patterns from people who created them. I was very intrigued. That started to make me feel more comfortable with going near my stash of fabric again. I have been reading blogs from sewers and upcyclers. They have given me the freedom to try and not worry if what I am making doesn't come out just the way I like it and to just keep on trying. I guess you could say "Happy little accidents".

June 26, 2015
I took a look at my About Me post and I have changed so much since then. It is funny how life changes isn't it. Children move out and others move back in with extras. I am now the Grammy Nanny to my 3 grandsons. I do enjoy it. I haven't been sewing for a while because I went back to work then I started getting into cake decorating and loved it. I decided to teach it through Wilton classes at the local Michaels store. I had such a great time doing it but the nightly classes started taking its toll on me and I ended up stopping. I kept decorating cakes though. Loved every bit of doing the baking but truly loved decorating. I tried learning as much as possible. But then the twin grandson started needing more attention and I couldn't make the time to do the cakes. So I am back to the starting over again and am now playing with paper. It doesn't spoil and if they touch it it is not as heart breaking. They can even sit on my lap while I play. I just couldn't decorate one handed. I have some physical issues which makes my energy not last like it used to, so late night decorating isn't always an option. I am grateful that I have the ability to keep growing and make changes to do what is necessary but still be able to be creative.